Before you buy

Randy Lajoie

NASCAR Driver Two Time Busch Series Champ

Nascar Radio Commentator , Racing Safety Products Innovator

Founder/President of The Joie of Seating & The Safer Racer

10 Racing Facts Before You Buy a Race Seat

1. Your seat should hold you so tight that you do not move.

2. If your body moves while driving, under any condition, your control is affected

3. Your shoulders connect to your arms, your arms are connected to the wheel

4. If your shoulders are not still, you are fighting your cars intertia

5. A seat that bolsters only your thighs & ribcage leaves you vulnerable

6. Total and complete body support is necessary to survive a crash.

7. Fighter Jets use the philosophy; the Pilot is immobolized for better control

8. Never race in a seat that has not been Crash/Stress tested

9. A 5 Day post crash hospital stay will average $22,596 ( Doctor fees NOT included )

10. Performance and Safety go hand in hand , you buy performance...and get safety!